Monday, April 21, 2014

No ifs, ands, or NUTS!

Can a peanut allergy be cured??  Current Studies – Part II
Could a patch be the cure for peanut allergies?  Researchers at DBV Technologies believe their patch could provide the answer to this currently incurable disability.

The goal of this product is to desensitize the immune system of the peanut-allergic patient by introducing controlled levels of peanut protein on the VIASKIN® patch in a relatively symptom-free manner. Since there is no ingestion of peanut protein in this study, stomach issues reported with oral immunotherapy are not a concern.  Almost one year into the study, the only issue reported with this patch is minor sensitivity from the adhesive that has been successfully treated with topical cream.

No ingestion of peanuts, no side effects, and the potential to desensitize the body’s immune system to the peanut protein?  This sounds like a winner to me!

Did I mention that I am one of 300 people around the world who is wearing the VIASKIN® patch for the trial study?  I am so excited about the potential of what this incredible patch could mean to so many people. 

Keep out of the nut house!

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