Saturday, January 25, 2014

NUTS and Bolts of Food Allergies

Did you know…
Friends and family can make coping with food allergies much more manageable. How can you help?
  • Food allergies are serious and should never be taken lightly. Don’t make jokes regarding anyone dealing with food allergies.
  • Don’t force people with food allergies to try new foods. These folks have to be very careful with what they eat. If you are unsure about the ingredients or the preparation methods of an item, don’t suggest that allergy sufferers try it.
  • Wash your hands after eating. You may have had something that contains peanuts, and any residue left behind on your hands could be transferred to someone else.
  • Ask your friends about their allergies so you can be prepared and can help them make proper choices. Encourage them to carry their epinephrine injector. 
  • Be willing to seek emergency help. If a friend suffers a severe allergic reaction, call 911. 
  • Learn how to use an epinephrine injector. If your friend becomes unconscious or unable to self-inject, you must know how to properly use the injector.
Keep out of the nut house!

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