Friday, January 3, 2014

Surrounded By Nuts (Guest Blogger)

I am so excited to introduce this post!  A good friend of mine, Matt, had his first peanut-free experience recently, and he wanted to share his story with you.  Thanks Matt!

There I was at the Cintas Center one cold December afternoon.  My Musketeers were not playing well and I was distraught; they hadn't scored in 10 full minutes!  Out of the corner of my eye, I see my uncle offer my friend Kendall some peanuts.  She declined, and then he offered me.  I was only being courteous as I reached into the bag to grab some peanuts.  It then dawned on me why Kendall declined the peanuts.  I had forgotten about her nut allergy! AHHH!!!  I then declined the peanuts! Whew! Close one! The Muskies ended up pulling through for us as they trounced the Red Storm of St. John 70-60.  I did not realize until that day what the pains of living in a nut-filled world truly are.

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