Saturday, March 8, 2014

NUTS and Bolts of Food Allergies

Did you know...

Peanuts can be found even in NON-FOOD items!! 
Here is a list of surprising places that peanut shells and peanut casings can be found…
·         Artificial fireplace logs
·         Fiber roughage for livestock feed
·         Kitty litter
·         Paper
·         Stuffing for beanbags or stuffed animals
·         Wallboard

Here are non-food items where peanuts may be ingredients in…
·         Axle grease
·         Bird seed
·         Bleach
·         Cosmetics
·         Detergent
·         Explosives
·         Face creams
·         Ink
·         Linoleum

Peanuts and peanut shells are commonly found in lawn care products like fertilizers, potting soil, and mulch.  Be sure to wash hands carefully after playing outside to be sure that traces of peanuts are eliminated.

Keep out of the nut house!

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